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Our Pho has a rich and intense essence of beef in the broth that can only be achieved by simmering marrow-rich beef bones on low heat for more than 14 hours. Each bite has a variety of textures created by chewy rice noodles, tender beef slices, tendons and crunchy bean sprouts which are well complemented by complex layers of flavorful fresh herbs and traditional spices.

One of the most famous dishes at Da Nang Corner is our Mi Quang (Yellow Noodle Soup). This dish is the pride of Da Nang city and an absolute must-try as you’re sure to be surprised by its many textures and delicious flavor. We make it just like back home with colorful turmeric rice noodles, frog or chicken, egg, and a tasty broth. The noodles are then topped with sesame rice crackers, peanuts, shallots, lime and served with fresh herbs and crunchy bean sprouts. Don’t forget to add our signature chili paste if you like a little kick!

Bun Bo Hue is known as spicy beef noodle soup. It’s a wonderful balance of flavors – spicy, sour, salty, and sweet. The broth is made by simmering beef bones with lemongrass and shrimp paste for more than 8 hours. This flavorful soup is served with beef shank slice, beef meatball, tendon, pork hock, cooked blood pudding and topped with tons of fresh herbs.
Hoi An Chicken Rice has so much complexity of flavor, yet a very made-with-love, home-cooked feel. This healthy dish includes rice cooked with chicken broth, garlic, and turmeric to add a special flavor and softness to the rice. Shredded chicken is then mixed with green papaya, various herbs, topped with fried shallots and accompanied by our special fish sauce.